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Solar Panels in Iowa

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Solar Savings

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Complete Solar Panel Systems Installation

Based just outside of Cedar Rapids, ECG Solar™ has been installing complete solar panel systems since 2008 and has earned a reputation as Iowa’s Premier Solar Provider™.  With a team of certified experts who have extensive experience performing installations on all types of homes and businesses, we strive to provide turnkey solar energy systems and solutions that offer the best value for our clients’ investments. 


Solar Panel Systems

ECG Solar™ installs high-grade solar products that offer superior performance, safer operation, and longer service lives than those offered by our competitors.

For example, we provide solar modules from the trusted manufacturer Panasonic™ that offer better energy output than competing models and have fully integrated Micro-Inverters from the factory, which means they can be installed faster and more reliably. An exceptional 25-year workmanship warranty backs these modules, as well as a Power Output warranty guaranteed at 92% output for 25 years, and let’s not forget our excellent racking and inverters with complete 25-year warranty parts and labor, so our clients can rest assured their investment is well protected.  Plus, we can provide comprehensive solar solutions, including solar battery systems, to help reduce energy costs even further.

At ECG Solar™, our commitment to quality in everything we do has earned us a certification with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners®️️ (NABCEP) and rated #1 installer in Iowa and Top Solar Contractor in the USA since 2013.

Contact us today to learn more about the solar panel systems we install for home and business owners in Cedar Rapids and across Iowa.

Why Choose
ECG Solar™?
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Exceptional Solar System Service

No matter what energy goals you have for your home or business, ECG can help you meet them.

We begin each solar project by providing a comprehensive certified assessment, determining the project’s scope, and recommending the best solar power system.  Our experienced team is so precise in their assessments that we can offer a production output guarantee so that you know how much money you can expect to save on energy in the future.

What’s more, we will handle every aspect of your solar project from beginning to end and can even provide any service you require in the coming years.

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Solar Power Incentives

ECG Solar™ can help its customers find solar tax incentives at the federal, state, and private levels.  When you choose solar panel installation with us, you’re not only getting high-quality solar equipment and energy independence, you’re getting: 

  • Less of a reliance on your utility company.
  • Information on metering policies and metering programs that could help you sell excess energy back to the electrical grid. 
  • A worthwhile investment that can add technical potential and value to your home in the long term.