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State, Federal, And Other Solar Incentive Programs

Below are several resources that will help you discover the incentives, grants, and rebates available to offset the cost of installing a solar PV system for your home or business, as well as other types of renewable systems.  We suggest you start with consulting with ECG Solar™; our extensive experience and knowledge of these programs can help identify applicable incentive programs for you. 

Note: We do not offer CPA or investment advice and consulting, so we suggest you confer with your own professional to confirm how these incentives will impact your project and financial portfolio.



What is a Solar tax credit?

As defined by, a tax credit is what’s known as a dollar-for-dollar reduction in whatever amount of income tax you might owe. 

A solar tax credit–and there are federal solar tax credits and state solar tax credits–is a tax credit that can be claimed on income taxes in the form of a percentage of the cost of a solar photovoltaic, or PV, system.

In order to claim a federal tax credit, the solar energy system must be in service during the tax year and generate electricity for a home within the United States. For state tax credits for either residential or business solar energy systems, the solar system as a whole must be up to federal standards and be in service during the tax year.  For either incentive program, there are many stipulations that should be gone through and examined, the links to which can be found below. 

Do The Incentives Make
Solar Worth The Cost?

Is Solar Power Worth The Cost?

As solar adoption becomes more and more popular for more and more homes and businesses, one of the biggest motivators for offsetting the cost of solar panel installation are the tax incentives offered for the actual use of the solar equipment and its power generation.

Other than the tax credits, funding, and other state, federal, private financial incentives, solar panel owners can accrue value with a simple solar installation through many ways, such as:

  • Making their home energy-efficient and cutting down on energy bills
  • Engaging in net-metering, which allows homes or businesses to sell back excess power generated by the system to their local utility company
  • By installing a solar power system, homeowners especially can add significant resale value to their property if they ever choose to put it on the market.


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