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How To Get Started With Solar in Iowa

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Installing a solar energy system can seem intimidating at first.   This is why ECG Solar™ has compiled a list of resources for interested home and business owners that will help you get acquainted with solar energy as a whole and how ECG Solar™ can help you meet your renewable energy goals.

Listed below, you’ll find links to pages throughout our site that offer valuable information on everything from the basics of a solar panel system, to financing options, and even how to take care of your solar energy system yourself.   Take a look below if you’re interested and get what you need to know to start off on the right foot with your solar panel investment.

Start on the Right Foot With ECG Solar™

There’s a reason we’ve been known as Iowa’s Premier Solar Provider™ ever since we were founded in 2008.  It’s because we deliver top-tier solar energy system installation and maintenance services that are unmatched in the state of Iowa.   We carry some of the best renewable energy system products as well, like Panasonic™ solar panels, Enphase™ battery storage systems, and Kohler™ standby generators.   So if you’re looking to step into the future of energy for your home or business, give us a call and schedule a consultation today.