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Solar Panels in Hiawatha, IA

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ECG Solar™ is One of The Top-Rated Solar Companies Serving Hiawatha, IA

There’s no question that solar panels can make a great investment for your home or business in Hiawatha, Iowa, as they will significantly reduce or possibly eliminate your monthly energy costs. However, the quality of solar technology, as well as installations, vary widely. At ECG Solar™, we’re confident that, once you’ve researched solar companies in the area, it will be clear why we’re the best choice. As a #1 rated solar installation company in Iowa by SolarReviews and a Top Solar Contractor since 2008 in the USA, we’re sure to provide you with the best value for your investment.

Top-of-the-Line Solar Panels

To maximize energy production and our customers’ return on investment, we install Premium Tier-1 Panasonic™ solar panels. These solar panels provide more energy than competing models and deteriorate at a much slower rate. In fact, they come with an incredible 25-year, all-inclusive warranty.

Comprehensive & Turnkey Solar Energy Solutions

Each solar panel installation begins with a certified site assessment during which our experts perform detailed analyses to determine the correct number, position, and configuration of solar panels for the project. What’s more, we offer solar energy solutions beyond Premium Tier-1 solar panels. For example, we can equip your home with solar batteries and emergency backup generators.

Solar Financing

ECG Solar™ provides solar financing and loan programs specifically designed for homeowners and business owners. For residential projects, we offer plans that require no money down and no interest for 24 months. And, for our commercial customers, we provide robust solar loans and rates with highly competitive APR.

We Offer Solar Products Like:
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Solar Services
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Solar Panel Installers in Hiawatha

ECG Solar™ is your go-to for solar energy installation. From residential and commercial solar services to solar financing resources, to Kohler™ Standby Generators, our team of solar panel installers is ready to handle any number of solar projects. Our ability to supply EV charging stations and more gives us the edge in this competitive market. Don’t hesitate to call today for a quote!

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Solar Battery Services in Hiawatha

With Enphase™ Storage Battery Systems, you can be sure to effectively store energy and power. These systems integrate well with traditional power systems and are the perfect way to make sure you always have a reserve of power in your building.

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Generator Dealer in Hiawatha

When disaster strikes, property owners, homeowners, and business owners need reliable power. Kohler™ Standby Generators are perfect for providing backup power in case of an emergency. With over a century of experience producing generators, Kohler™ is one of the most dependable brands on the market. At Kohler™, they haven’t just updated with modern safety measures; they’ve also made modern updates to security, weather protection, and power output.

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EV Charging Stations in Hiawatha

If you’re looking for EV Charging Systems, ECG Solar™ is the place to go.  We have explanations on both residential and commercial systems and what Iowa residents can expect as electric vehicles become more and more popular.