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The Best Source for Solar Panels in Johnston, IA

Having solar panels installed is an excellent way to enjoy decades of energy savings at your home or business. However, because the quality of solar panels and the workmanship of the companies that install them can vary widely, it’s important to be discerning. For homeowners and commercial property owners in Johnston, Iowa, ECG Solar™™ stands out as the best choice among local solar contractors. Consider that we:

Installed Premium Tier-1 Panasonic™ Solar Panels

The Premium Tier-1 solar panels that ECG Solar™ installs are from the industry’s most trusted brands, such as Panasonic™. These solar panels stand out in that they are:

By trusting ECG Solar™™ with your solar panel installation, you can have complete peace of mind knowing you’re making a sound, long-term investment.  Our Panasonic™ panels especially offer a 92% power output warranty.

Planning Your Commercial Solar Project

When you partner with ECG Solar™, you’ll benefit from more than Premium Tier-1 Panasonic™ commercial solar panels. We offer certified site assessments, during which our experts will assess a variety of factors to maximize energy production for your business. For example, we will determine if ground- or roof-mounted solar panels are a better fit, which direction they should face, and how many panels are needed to suit your energy goals. We even provide an energy output guarantee. What’s more, we can make your project as affordable as possible by offering a variety of solar financing options.

We Offer Solar Products Like:
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Solar Services
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Solar Panel Installers in Johnston

Installing solar panels on your home can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Solar panels provide clean, affordable, and renewable energy to your home by using the sun’s unlimited supply of sunlight.

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Solar Battery Services in Johnston

Enphase™’s storage battery systems are cost-effective and reliable. They can integrate well with other more traditional power systems found in most homes and businesses and allow for a backup power supply when the need arises.

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Generator Dealer in Johnston

Kohler™ Standby Generators are fantastic backup units to have in case of an emergency. Kohler™ has been around for over a century and will be here for many more centuries to come, with their updating and modernizing their units and having a dependable power output.

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EV Charging Stations in Johnston

ECG Solar™, the premier provider of electric charging systems, has all the info you need. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial EV Charging Systems, ECG has resources on the latest technology and what Iowa residents should expect in the coming years.

ECG Maximizes Solar Panel Value

Solar panels are incredibly varied in terms of their longevity and the quantity of energy they produce. To ensure homeowners and business owners receive an exceptional value, ECG Solar™ installs Premium Tier-1 solar panels from the industry’s most trusted brands, such as LG and Panasonic™. We also provide certified site assessments, allowing our team of solar experts to determine how to maximize energy production at each property.

By helping local homeowners and business owners in Cedar Rapids make the most of their investment in solar, ECG Solar™ has been designated a #1 installer by SolarReviews as well as a Top Solar Contractor since 2013.

If you’re interested in our services, visit our office at 9635 230th Avenue (use 9663 East or West Gate Entrance) or our shop at 9663 230th Avenue (use East or West Gate Entrance).  You can also call us at (319) 462-5600, or email us at [email protected].   We look forward to helping you save on solar!