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Solar Installation, North Liberty, IA

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Solar Panel Installation from Certified Experts Serving North Liberty, IA

Deciding who to trust with the solar panel installation project at your home or business in North Liberty, Iowa, doesn’t need to be a stressful process. Once you’ve done the research, it’s easy to see why ECG Solar™ is the best choice. We are certified with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP) and have a #1 installer rating in Iowa by SolarReviews. Plus, we’ve earned the trust of countless satisfied home and business owners. This is thanks to our comprehensive solar panel installation process, which involves:

A Certified Property Assessment

We’ll have a team of certified experts visit your property and develop a strategy to meet your energy goals without exceeding your budget. Our extensive experience enables us to provide truly custom solutions – not cookie-cutter services. We pay careful attention to the details that impact solar panel performance including placement and positioning, whether to use roof- or ground-mounted modules, the number of panels required, and more.

Convenient Financing Solutions

ECG Solar™ is committed to making solar panel installation as affordable as possible for our clients. Our comprehensive property assessments allow us to provide a solar output guarantee, so you can see how much money you’ll save each month. And, we provide a variety of solar loan programs, including a financing option that requires no money down and no interest for 24 months.

We Offer Solar Products Like:
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Solar Services
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Solar Panel Installers in North Liberty

ECG Solar™ has the team of solar panel installers that will do all your solar projects. Our team installs residential and commercial systems, financing options, Kohler™ Standby Generators, and even EV charging stations. We can complete any project you need. Just call today to request a quote.

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Solar Battery Services in North Liberty

The Enphase™ Storage Battery System is here to save the day. It’s a cost-effective way to have power when you need it most. These systems are reliable, but also easy to integrate into your current power system. That way if a power outage strikes, you’ll have a reserve of power at the ready.

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Generator Dealer in North Liberty

Kohler™ is the “go-to” generator brand. With a century of experience, Kohler™ has honed its products to be dependable, strong, and safe. Kohler™ has various generators for all occasions, with updates from the last few decades. Their products are guaranteed to remain on top of the industry.

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EV Charging Stations in North Liberty

EV charging stations are crucial for energy conservation in the era of electric vehicles. The average EV charges its battery for 30 minutes to travel 200 miles, meaning that it can take 90 minutes to charge for a round-trip, which is way too long for most people.