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Solar Financing, West Des Moines, IA

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Solar Financing Solutions for Homeowners & Business Owners in West Des Moines, IA

Equipping your home or business in West Des Moines, Iowa, with solar panels can be an excellent long-term investment—especially when you consider local and federal solar incentives. However, many property owners are hesitant to move forward with this project over concerns about upfront costs. High-performance solar panels may save you money over time through huge savings on energy costs, but they still require a significant upfront investment.

At ECG Solar™, we offer convenient residential and commercial solar financing options that make it easy to reap the benefits of solar right away.

Our Solar Financing Options

ECG Solar™ offers specialized solar financing plans that are tailored to residential and commercial property owners. For example, our commercial solar financing program can include a solar loan of up to 85% of a project’s cost and rates as low as 3.5% APR.

For homeowners, we can review energy costs and design a solar financing plan that requires no money down and monthly payments that are lower than their current monthly utility bills.

The Industry’s Best Value

Providing flexible solar financing isn’t the only way we maximize value for our customers. ECG Solar™ installs Premium Tier-1 solar panels that are more productive and longer-lasting than other modules on the market. In fact, they are backed by a 25-year, all-inclusive warranty. What’s more, we perform certified site assessments to ensure your solar panels are arranged to yield the highest possible energy production.

We Offer Solar Products Like:
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Solar Services
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Solar Panel Installers in Iowa City

Solar storage batteries are a crucial component to any solar set-up. Enphase™ Energy offers robust and reliable products. We carry Enphase™ Storage Battery Systems, which are an easy way to store electrical power during the daytime so it can be used at night or when you need it most.

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Solar Battery Services in Iowa City

ECG Solar™ has dedicated, professional installers. Whether you need installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement of your solar energy system, ECG Solar™ is ready to help.

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Generator Dealer in Iowa City

Kohler™ standby generators are designed to provide dependable back-up power in the event of an emergency. With updates like security, weather protection, and power output, Kohler™ generators are one of the best options for any home or business’ power system.

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EV Charging Stations in Iowa City

ECG Solar™ has you covered! For EV charging systems, we have information for both residential and commercial. We also have insight for Iowa residents on what to expect in the coming years that will be fueled by electric cars.